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Будьте внимательны при обмене токенов. Бла-бла-бла
Current exchange rate:
Last swap: 17:32 20.03.2021 UTC+3
Created with Highcharts 10.2.1Exchange rateChart context menuSource: BscScan.comClick and drag in the plot area to zoom inSep '20Nov '20Jan '21Mar '21May '21Jul '21Sep '21Nov '21Jan '22Mar '22May '22Jul '22Sep '22Nov '2202.5 M5 M7.5 M10 M12.5 M15 M17.5 MWednesday, November 2, 2022[ Total Transactions : 3,742,032 ] Avg Block Time: 3.06Avg Block Size: 35,216Total Block Count: 28,232New Address Seen: 438,381BNB Smart Chain Daily Transactions Chart

1 = 1,27346582 
Reverse exchange rate:
1 WPL = 0,78653211 PLC
Time until the next exchange rate change: 12:34

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